Buried (Embedded) Penis

The Penis is called the Embedded (Buried) Penis if the penis is seen smaller than it is due to the increas of the fat tissue around the penis. Between the skin and the pelvic bone contains fat tissue. If this fat tissue is excessive it raise the skin around the penis. But because the penis […]

How are we doing circumcision in babies?

Circumcisions done in Antalya Sunnah and Pediatric Surgery Clinic are painless, painless and stress free. 95% of our circumcisions under local anesthesia are without anesthesia. During circumcision, the parents are present with the child. How do we make painless painless circumcision? 1. By applying a local anesthetic cream, we ensure that the needle is painless […]

What are the causes of circumcision under general anesthesia?

General anesthesia, which can have serious complications as well as death, also has many complications that are specific to the baby. These are: Babies who will be given general anesthesia stay open for about 6 hours, blood is taken for the analysis, the child is left alone in a cold and foreign environment in the […]

How is circumcision done in mother’s sleep?

It is first learned by talking to the mother that the child sleeps at what time of day. Local anesthetic cream is applied to pipis by bringing the child 1 hour before sleeping time. After putting a gelatin closure onto this cream, the child is attached to the diaper and left for at least 1 […]

How do we provide stressless circumcision?

1. Mother and father of circumcision we are told that the pain will not be felt during circumcision. If necessary we are watching the videos of the circumcisions we have done before. 2. We play the PlayStation games during the circumcision of the big boys and distract them. Children sometimes drown in the game so […]