How do we provide stressless circumcision?

1. Mother and father of circumcision we are told that the pain will not be felt during circumcision. If necessary we are watching the videos of the circumcisions we have done before.

2. We play the PlayStation games during the circumcision of the big boys and distract them. Children sometimes drown in the game so that they say, “Uncle Doctors will finish our game a little longer.”

3. After sleeping with small children, we are doing circumcision during sleep.

4.We provide long-acting local anesthetic drugs and pain relief after circumcision using painkillers.

5. After circumcision with the sandwich dress you are applying, there is a limitation of movement. Circumcision allows the child to play and move as desired after the circumcision.

Babies can be circumcised in their natural mother’s sleep. There is no need for circumcision under general anesthesia (anesthetic) for babies in the light of today’s medical developments. In a natural mother’s sleep, without anesthesia, circumcision can only be done by numbing the pill. With today’s local anesthetic creams and local anesthetic drugs, painless, painless and stress free circumcision can be done in natural mother sleep.