How is circumcision done in mother’s sleep?

It is first learned by talking to the mother that the child sleeps at what time of day. Local anesthetic cream is applied to pipis by bringing the child 1 hour before sleeping time. After putting a gelatin closure onto this cream, the child is attached to the diaper and left for at least 1 hour. During this time, pipi is numb due to kremden. When the child sleeps, the mother sleeps. The mother in her sleep does not feel pain / pain when she is injected because of the numbing cream. The local anesthetic does not feel any pain during the circumcision without anesthesia after the injection. Ten minutes is the circumcision of the child when the mother is asleep. Because no pain is felt during circumcision, circumcision is usually performed without waking the baby. Almost all of the baby circumcisions done in our clinic are done while the baby is in the mother’s sleep.