Buried (Embedded) Penis

The Penis is called the Embedded (Buried) Penis if the penis is seen smaller than it is due to the increas of the fat tissue around the penis. Between the skin and the pelvic bone contains fat tissue. If this fat tissue is excessive it raise the skin around the penis. But because the penis adheres to the bone the length of penis can not be extended. When the skin around the penis is raised upwards with an increas in adipose tissue ,it may sometimes pass ower the length of the penis and the penis may not be seen or seen smaller than normal.

In buried penises strecthed penis lenght is normal and penis diameter is normal.

Buried penis is an adolescent mostly they are back to normal.
If the child does not have a small penis or a curve penis, there no need to give hormons or surgery to enlarge the penis. In highly buried penises or psychoogically affected children surgery may be required.
In surgery the skin around the penis at the base of the penis is sutured.