What are the causes of circumcision under general anesthesia?

General anesthesia, which can have serious complications as well as death, also has many complications that are specific to the baby. These are: Babies who will be given general anesthesia stay open for about 6 hours, blood is taken for the analysis, the child is left alone in a cold and foreign environment in the operating room and the needle is made to open the vein pathway before the anesthesia. Then a mask is put on his face to give him a sleeping gas. In the meantime, the child can experience a drowning sensation. These procedures cause pain, pain, stress and adverse psychological effects in the circumcision baby. In mother’s sleep in circumcision, the mother is sleeping and is constantly at her side during circumcision. Even if the baby is asleep during circumcision, the baby can remain peaceful under the compassion of his mother and fall back to sleep. Even if the baby wakes up during sleep or circumcision, circumcision can easily be performed under the control of the mother while the mother is breastfeeding, feeds on the mamas, walks on the knee, Psychological influence in this way is almost never. As a result, circumcision in natural mother sleep can be done very easily in the light of today’s medical developments. We say that there is no need for general anesthesia in infant circumcision. Circumcision is the best circumcision in natural mother’s sleep.

Children aged 0-24 months will be interviewed with the mother before the sunnah is brought in to determine what time of day to sleep. Children who are brought 1 hour before the sleeping time are given a cure for numbing to the circumcised area. Once the cream is left for an hour, an injection is made.

It does not contain adrenaline.

Because of the narcotic cream, the child feels little or nothing. A long-acting local anesthetic drug is made with a needle made for an anesthetic. This medication is effective for 4-6 hours and does not contain adrenaline. If the child can be kept awake for 10 minutes by the child’s mother who will feel absolutely nothing after the pincer, the circumcision will be done during this period.

The aim is not to cry the child

during the circumcision the child is put on the table, the mother is at the head and her father holds her legs. If the baby cannot be nursed, circumcision may be done while the mother is breastfeeding, shaking in the knee, or playing with any toy. The purpose here is to circumcise the child who will feel nothing during the circumcision without crying or sleeping. If the child cannot be kept awake during circumcision or cannot be stopped at any time, circumcision can be performed by giving calming treatment to the family. After the circumcision, they behave the same way if they are treated before the circumcision of the child. On the same day the bathroom can be made, the face can be tilted, crawlable, sideways and can be seated in the main lap. Sandwich dressings are made by applying cream once a day after circumcision. After the effect of the local anesthetic, pain relievers are given orally to avoid pain.