How are we doing circumcision in babies?

Circumcisions done in Antalya Sunnah and Pediatric Surgery Clinic are painless, painless and stress free. 95% of our circumcisions under local anesthesia are without anesthesia. During circumcision, the parents are present with the child.

How do we make painless painless circumcision?

1. By applying a local anesthetic cream, we ensure that the needle is painless and painless.

2. After the second, we inject the long-acting local anesthetic drug with a needle to numb the circumcised area. Thus, during the circumcision no pain, no pain is felt.

3. After circumcision, we give oral pain medication to prevent pain and pain.

4. Sandwich dressing we do after circumcision also plays a role in preventing crawling pain by slapping the circumference side to the left and right.